lamp shade
lamp shade for infrared heat lamp
lamp shade for the infrared heat lamps
Different sizes as your option

Lamp holder description:
Energy saving lamp holder
2.5M core
EU,CA standard socket
lamp protector protect the infrared heating lamps from demage and prolong the lamp life
Three way control switch:HI-offer-Lv to save energy
2.0M hanging steel stainless chain,anti-rust
Fire prevention
aluminium alloy shade,anti-water,anti-rust
size:LPHD01 Φ216X350mm and LPHD02 Φ300X350mm


Zhejiang Boyu lighting has been working on the production of infrared heating lamps and
other items for poultry and Swine farms since 2000.Till now we walked through 22
years .Boyu lighting locate in Huzhou,Zhejiang Province,covering an 7000 square meters
plant.With two brands “after 80’s “and “Xingxin“ enjoying a good reputation in the
The brand “After 80’s” is also be on CCTV Advertising
Nowadays Boyu lighting formed the integration with the production ,wholesales and
media sales.In the factory,we realized the modern,standardared ,Mechnical and
intelligent managment system.With the fast development,We also won out the favour of
top class livestock enterprises and obtained the corporation with them.

1)20 years history on the production of 
infrared heat lamps(Par38 and R125/R40) lamp protector
2)More than 400 dealers in the market
3)CCTV brand
4)Only factory who mastered the glass lampwick technology
5)CE approved
6)First classical supplier of poultry farm items

lamp shade

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